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Mystic Rectangle

The Astrology Birth Chart Wheel of Augusto Tomas contains a rare and sometimes misunderstood astrologic configuration which is the aspect pattern of the Mystic Rectangle.

A Mystic Rectangle is formed when two pairs of oppositions are sextile each other. The result is an aspect pattern that includes two sextiles, two trines, and two oppositions (green rectangle). A Mystic Rectangle also occurs in either the masculine (fire and air) or feminine (earth and water) polarities. This is another soft aspect pattern in that it does not generate fiction, discomfort, or a need to take action. What a Mystic Rectangle does offer, however, is an extremely strong sense of balance and structure, of harmony between the four planets involved. Finding this balance is not a given – it will still take conscious effort and awareness. However, working with trines and the sextiles will help make more sense of, and find the point of integration for, the two oppositions.

The power of the Mystic Rectangle takes practice in order to gain the most benefit from it. The masculine reception of the Mystic Rectangle is expressed through an extrovert nature by the individual. The feminine reception of the configuration is expressed through an introvert nature. The problem arises through the two oppositions which can cause the individual to bounce out of control between four opposing influences. The sextiles and trines must be used to unify and support the polarities. Another danger for individuals with this pattern is to become too self-contained and over-powered by the influences. Once the individual has learned how to harness the energies of the configuration, the decisions and choices in life become much easier to initiate and participate in.



The Astrology Birth Chart Wheel of Augusto Tomas was provided by his wife Valentyna Tomas, a highly intuitive Astrologer. If you would like to know about your own Astrology Birth Chart please contact us.